why i love sleeping.

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Remember sleep? That was a good thing you used to do. Teachers once encouraged you to do it at school, right in the middle of the day! It was great. But now people are all, “Rah, rah! Stop sleeping! You sleep too much!” and it’s like, a total bummer. I miss sleep. It’s such a good thing to do for your body and brain. And we just suck down coffee and give it the cold shoulder. Why? Are we monsters?!

Here are some reasons sleep is the best:

1. Dreams!

Dreams are crazy! Remember that one you had where all your hair fell out and then your third grade teacher made you eat a swimming pool of ice cream? Or the one where a dinosaur wearing a monocle called you “pretty?” Or where you were Tom Hanks in “Apollo 13” but you were made entirely of strawberry jam? Yeah. That…

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