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why i love sleeping.

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Remember sleep? That was a good thing you used to do. Teachers once encouraged you to do it at school, right in the middle of the day! It was great. But now people are all, “Rah, rah! Stop sleeping! You sleep too much!” and it’s like, a total bummer. I miss sleep. It’s such a good thing to do for your body and brain. And we just suck down coffee and give it the cold shoulder. Why? Are we monsters?!

Here are some reasons sleep is the best:

1. Dreams!

Dreams are crazy! Remember that one you had where all your hair fell out and then your third grade teacher made you eat a swimming pool of ice cream? Or the one where a dinosaur wearing a monocle called you “pretty?” Or where you were Tom Hanks in “Apollo 13” but you were made entirely of strawberry jam? Yeah. That…

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Break up spectacularly. Break up in this sort of inevitable way where you both know it’s coming and going to meet each other to do it is sort of like walking to the gallows between a stream of people staring at you and humming under their breath with solemn faces. Break up in a very loud, public way where everyone knows he came too fast and she never liked his parents.

Try to immediately become friends. Hang out and get coffee and laugh and act normal. Feel weird about not kissing goodbye.

Feel listless and sad afterwards though. Decide not to hang out again for a while.

Try cutting each other out of your lives. Try hanging out with your mutual friends without it being awkward when one of them brings up your ex. Try going to the bars you used to go to without wondering if they’re going to…

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I am in a K-Mart in the middle of summer and I am trying to love you more. You are helping me pick out towels but everything you’re saying to me sounds like static and I wish I could just leave you there right in the middle of the store but I don’t because I know better than to do that to someone I see naked on a semi-regular basis. My skin is sticky, I am wearing swim trunks out in public because it’s too hot to wear anything else and, although it’s hard to explain how or why, I feel young. My legs feel young. My spine feels young. My face feels young. And this is how I know I am going to outgrow you. This is how I know I am never going to be able to love you more. Because I am too young to be this…

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So yeah its coming back to haunt me, i try so hard not to think about it. Maybe its just too much of how i met your mother, but somehow now it all made sense. You never looked that happy when you were with me, neither am i ther first you turn to when you have problems last time. Surely we all got our own best platonic friends, but i have my limits too. Karma bites you back when you least expect it. Just shut up and finish your assignments now, nobody’s gonna take pity on you because you asked for it. 

Better bang the interview on monday, because if you dont get it, summer is going to be another hell for you because you will only feel more horrible not being part of anything like you dont belong anywhere.