Monthly Archives: February 2013

HCNY 2013

I figured that im still human because i am still affected by what you say. I hope you move on and find somebody more deserving. So what if i was at fault? So what if all the tongues will start waging behind my back? So what if people look at me differently now because of what i did? I did it and im willing to suffer because of it. I’ll be fine, i’ll tide over this. Just keep myself occupied in the mean time. Im such an emotional person. I hate it because everytime people talk about relationships, im so sensitive. I guess im a need for affliation person. Yet ironically, i chose to break off affiliations. Life is such a myrid of emotionals i cannot comprehend and figure what is best for me. // Havent been putting a lot of effort in my studies recently, that i need to change. Mid’s in 2 weeks i need to buck up.

Friends, they’ll always be the ones that makes me the most happier and at the same time confused. Well at least for now.

Here’s us at biggy’s house today. 2 people that im glad that stayed with me for a 3 years now. Wher silence isnt awkward, where they know you so well you dont even have to say your thought out, where even hanging out at junjie’s humble home would suffice as a good time. No need for lavish restaurants, no need for nice clothes or pretty photographs because the time spent tgt is the most precious. This, is non-superficial.