Snippets in boxes

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My life more recently (1)

Went to Chinatown to helpout with photo shoot./My ever so thick stack of polaroid films./I miss school field./ Asoc Welfare drive: Yami yoghurt./ USS with the family./ Still at the school field./ USS with the family still./ Comfortable gold sperrys to school./ Hercules, wonderful people.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 3.21.37 PMMy life more recently (2)

Photo shoot with kwang at punggol park./ Finished a pack of films at val’s house./ Craving satisfied: Prawn olio from tcc./ First friend, joy./ Ikea artificial flower decor in my room./ Valerie Ng./ Meeting familiar people./ Club earlier this year./ Work at ngee ann poly.

I’ve been addicted to instagram recently, I’ll check them every once in awhile because I am a visual person. This holiday my aim is to learn how to use iMovie and photoshop and create visuals. But first, i need to work on some material to work with which i will have it from my thailand trip (hopefully). Is that few tenths of likes on instagram worth you time and effort going through all the editing? Yes for me because i feel assured and happy that people admire my work. I guess instagram is the only app i check often besides whatsapp, or perhaps instagram > whatsapp already because… Anyhow, finished my last second, in fact second, paper today. REJOICEEE! Although i don’t have much confidence in the paper today but i’m glad its over and i’m one day closer to going Chiangmai. I am really really glad that i am able to getaway this december after all that is going on this sem. I’d reluctantly admit that i still need time to adapt to all of these.

Countdown: 2 days to last paper, 4 days to Chiangmai. + a whole lot of awesome plan after that.


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