Everybody had that little tyrant in them, they want to spoil and destroy things for the simple reason of being unhappy with it. I’m afraid my tyrant is in me now. I have this little voice in side my head, telling me to give up and pursue other things if i am not being happy. Would you do makes you happy or would you do what is appropriate? I  have been struggling to make a decision in the longest time. And i  n e e d  to make one soon as i’ve said.


Have you ever wonder about your reaction when you’re listening to your own conversation with a friend, but in a third party’s shoes? I think i will feel embarrassed. Well, you may say things so matter-of-factly when you’re the person talking but if you think back of what you said, will you say it again? This is especially so when you’re just ranting or bitching. Everybody bitches, i’d be living in denial if i said i didn’t. Just being random i guess, wondering how judgmental people around me are. There is this constant struggle within me. trying hard to express myself freely, on the other hand trying to stay low keyed to avoid these judgmental people. So how long will i take to finally find the courage to do things that i really wanna do spontaneously, i hope it will be soon…


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