We are all limited in our own ways.

“With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

“Even if you will fall on your face, at least you’re making a step forward.”

I’m going to study hard for the last two papers, even if it might not turn out well as i thought it would be like for FA. At least i tried and that would make me fall with no regrets. // Countdown continues, 7 days to Chiangmai.


I’m in such a great dilemma, most of my friends might have already been bored out by me repeating the same issue over and over again. But these people will stay with me no matter how whiny i am, no? I just don’t feel the intimacy between us anymore. Or am i just shutting you out of my life because of selfish reasons. I once read a post somewhere, it says: ” Don’t Settle” Evidently, it has affected me quite a bit. Instead of wasting each other’s time now, dragging it making this more sour, why not we take a break from it, shall we? I’m tired of feeling reluctant. I’m tired for disappointing you over and over again with my lack of commitment. I need my own space, at least for the time now. I could use some really good company, but maybe you’re just not the one that i need. We are all limited in our own ways, aren’t we?


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